Badab Soort stepped springs
Badab Surat stepped springs

Badab Soort stepped springs are located on the border between Semnan and Sari. These badabs which are one of the most popular and beautiful places in Kiasar, include several springs with completely different waters in terms of color, smell, taste and volume of water.

One of the springs has very salty water which is useful for treating rheumatism, back, leg, and skin pains and the other spring which is adjacent to this spring has an orange color and a slightly sour taste which is permanent and flat.

Badab Soort stepped springs are a beautiful and spectacular complex and one of the most amazing masterpieces of nature.

These springs are located 7 km west of Badleh village and at an altitude of 1840 meters in Sari. The mysterious springs of Soort consist of two springs with completely different waters in terms of color, smell and taste.

The sedimentary waters of these two springs have created tens of beautiful little ponds in orange, yellow and red colors and in different sizes along their flowing path from the top of the mountain to the bottom for thousands of years.

Badab Surat stepped springs

Badab Soort stepped springs

Springs with sour water contain iron deposits. It is the iron deposits that cause the water to turn orange. In winter, the springs do not freeze due to the salinity of the water.

Badab Soort springs were registered by the Cultural Heritage Organization in 2008 after Damavand Mountain as the second natural heritage of Iran in the list of national monuments of Iran.

Badab Soort is one of the very rare natural places that not many examples can be found in the world. There are only a few examples of such a natural phenomenon in the world.

The Pamukkale Spring in Turkey, the white and pink porches in New Zealand, the Baishwaita in China, the Bagni San Filippo in Italy, the Yellow Rock region in the United States, and the Hiro El Agora in Mexico are stepped fountains around the world that, like Badab Soort, have a strange and rare structure.

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