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Bandar Siraf

Bandar Siraf (Siraf port) is located in Bushehr province, 40 km from Kangan city and Bushehr-Firoozabad and Assaluyeh intersections. Siraf has a very attractive and spectacular view due to its location between the sea and the mountains.

In some areas of the port, the distance between the mountain and the sea does not reach 30 meters. The houses of this port are located in a stepped manner on the mountain, which is somewhat reminiscent of the architecture of the city of Masouleh in the province of Gilan in northern Iran. This port is one of the oldest and most prosperous ports in Iran. Unfortunately, unlike other southern ports in Iran, such as Kish and Bandar-e Lengeh, it remains somewhat unknown. Bandar Siraf or Bandar Taheri has been one of the most important centers of trade from East Africa to China, India and East Asia. This port has had many ups and downs throughout history. At some point in time it has reached its peak of prosperity and in some cases it has declined and been forgotten. There are different opinions about the original name and root of Siraf. Some believe that the old Persian name of Siraf, "Shilav" was derived from shale meaning fishy waters. Some other researchers consider siraf to be a modified form of the word "water". "Ardeshir Ab" and "Bandar Taheri" are other names that have been used for this port. The appearance of the mountain and the sea together, as well as the antiquity and the existence of many historical monuments have made the port of Siraf as a pleasant attraction in Bushehr province for nature lovers and historians. Siraf has beautiful natural attractions such as the pristine beaches of the green area of Beno, etc. The fire temple, the tomb of Qutbuddin Sirafi, the rocky cemetery, the Imam Hassan Basri Mosque, the Siraf Museum, etc. are also among the historical attractions of Siraf.




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