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Ardeshir Papakan palace

Ardeshir Papakan palace

Ardeshir Papakan (Babakan) palace is a remnant of Sasanid dynasty which was built by Ardeshir Papakan, the founder of Sasanid dynasty in the third century. Ardeshir Papaknn palace is located in the third km of Firuzabad, Fars province.

One of the oldest regions of Fars province is Firoozabad city which it prosperity is attributed to the Sassanid dynasty. Today we are going to read about one of the oldest historical monuments of this city. Ardeshir Babakan Palace is 1800 years old and was registered in the list of national monuments of Iran on January 6 1961, with the number 89.This palace is the most important historical monument of Firoozabad, which is made of stone carcass materials and gypsum mortar. In the decorations of this palace, very beautiful and colorful plastering have been used.Ardeshir Babakan built this palace near the entrance of Tangab next to a large spring, which is the first Sassanid arched building.

Ardeshir Papakan palace4

Ardeshir Papakan Palace Halls

The palace has nested halls, and over the years the plasterings on the inner walls have not been damaged and remain intact. The halls of Ardeshir Papakan Palace have doubled the beauty of this building.On the east side, there are four large domed buildings, which are raised by filpoosh (an architectual technic), which is like Qale Dokhtar (girl's castle) or (Ardeshir Castle).A part in the top of the dome roof is opened with a one-meter circle. On the north side outside the palace wall, a spring is boiling from the heart of the soil and a natural pool has been created in front of this spring. A river passes by the eastern wall of the palace, which has led to the development of the city of Gour (Firoozabad) and the Sassanid palace. A little above the palace, there is a fire for religious ceremonies.The presence of four natural elements, water, wind, soil and fire, has given a special prominence to this region.Some people believe that this building was not a palace but a fire temple. The reason for their belief is the Mehrparasti belief that every important building built by the water was in fact a place of worship for the goddess Anahita, as well as Mehr.

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