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The ancient city of Darabgerd

The ancient city of Darabgerd or Darabjerd is located 6 km from Darab city of Fars province. This city is very strange and wonderful. According to research, archaeologists and researchers believe that this city is one of the settlements of Darius the Great in Persia.

The ancient city of Darabgard dates back to 2500 years ago. It can be said that this city was one of the five cities of Pars province in ancient Iran, and its peak of efflorescence and prosperity was during the Sassanid era. But during the Mongol and Timurid dynasties, it was attacked and many parts of it were damaged and destroyed. Around the ancient city of Darabgard Fars, a 10-meter-high wall has been erected. At present, due to erosion and lack of proper maintenance or care, its height reaches approximately 7 meters.

The plan of Darabgard city

The plan of Darabgard city is according to West Asia. A moat has been dug around the city. The use and role of these ditches is to protect the wall. The perimeter of the city wall is about 6 km. According to research, the depth of this ditch is more than 10 meters and its width is about 50 meters, and this part has also suffered from erosion. The ditch was constantly filled with water, and historians say it contained plants that wrapped around the feet of people entering the ditch, preventing them from swimming. The water required for the ditch is supplied from the surrounding rivers, including Bal River. This historical city was prosperous in Abadan during the Achaemenid period. Apparently, this region was initially ruled by the Aryans. During the Seleucid and Parthian eras, Darabgerd province had a semi-independent government whose kings obeyed the ruler of Persia. The present city was also attacked during the Mongol Ilkhani and Timurid dynasties and suffered great damage. But in the Safavid era, according to the rulers of the time, this city flourished and was one of the important provinces of Persia until the Zandi era. In Qajar era, the city of Darab was considered by the provincial rulers due to its vast and fertile lands. With the establishment of Turkish and Arab tribes around this city, it became a scene of conflicts between the government and the tribes, and through this it suffered serious damage and couldn't progress any more. In this place, two Sassanid fire temples are located next to each other, which is remarkable in its kind. The structure of these fire temples, like other fire temples of the Sassanid era, has chahar taqi shape with a circular dome, and the materials used in it include mud, plaster, mortar and carcass stone.

The gates of Darabgard city

Darabgerd city has 4 main and secondary gates. These gates are located in exactly four main directions. 2 of these gates are in the main direction in the western and eastern directions and the other 2 are in the secondary direction in the north and south directions. The eastern gate, called the Sun Gate, was located on the side of the road that led to the famous fire temple called Azarakhsh, and the western gate was more important in terms of contact and communication with the outside, and was located in the direction of the road leading to the central regions of Persia. Apparently, the north and south gates were mostly used for the entry of drinking water and the exit of waste water. In front of the gates of Darabgard city, there were escalators that were removed during the enemy attack and also at night.

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