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Masuleh village

Masuleh village

Masuleh village is one of the historical areas and the most famous steppe village in Iran. This beautiful village has such a nature that not only attracts everyone attention, but no matter how many times you visit it, it never gets repeated and boring.

The attractions of this region have caused many tourists to travel to this region in all hot and cold seasons of the year and create happy times for themselves. Although the stepped architecture and historical texture of this village is its main feature, but in it you can see pristine and spectacular forests, waterfalls, high mountains and many other natural attractions.In the northern part of Masuleh, the roof of each house is the yard of the neighboring house. In addition to the stepped architecture, the historical houses of the village are also considered as its tourist attractions. The tasteful people of this area have decorated their houses with colorful vases and other decorative items, many of which are their own handicrafts. Wood, stone and clay have been used to build houses in this area. The houses in Masuleh village are small in size and usually have two floors. Gilan Masuleh Bazaar is basically mentioned as the center and heart of this region. This market has 4 separate levels and Masuleh shops have been created precisely because of this market. This market has 2 floors and its shops are formed on the upper and lower levels. In this market, different types of souvenirs of Gilan and Masouleh are sold. You can find a variety of handmade jewelry, decorations, snacks, pickles and even local restaurants with delicious food in this market.

Masuleh village2

History and geographical location of Masuleh village

Masuleh is located in the southwest of Gilan province, 65 km from Rasht and 26 km southwest of Fooman. This steppe village is located on the eastern side of the Talesh Mountains. Old Masuleh, also known as "Kohne Masuleh", is located five kilometers west of the road from Masuleh to Khalkhal and 6 kilometers northwest of the current village of Masuleh and was the old and primary settlement of the villagers. The first archaeological excavations in this area were carried out by the Archaeological Research Institute of the Cultural Heritage Organization of Gilan Province in the city of Fooman in September 1995.
Archaeological findings from iron ores and metal smelting furnaces showed that Kohneh Masuleh was one of the important centers of metalworking in Iran in the fifth to eighth centuries AH. One of the discoveries of the archeological group was glazed pottery with various colors, belonging to the Seljuk period, which shows its historical validity and importance. In addition, another point that is important in understanding the history of Masuleh village is that during the reign of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, it was under the control of the army and was responsible for making bullets for Iranian artillery.
In 1975, the name of Masuleh Shomal village was registered as the first living historical village in the country and with the number 1090 in the list of national monuments of Iran. This village is under the supervision of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, as well as the provincial environment department, and fortunately it is well protected.


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