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Minab Tiab lagoon

Minab Tiab lagoon is located in Hormozgan province in Bandar Tiab. This lagoon is located in the west of Hormozgan province. Due to the presence of mangroves, natural landscapes and mangrove trees, this lagoon attracts lots of tourists every year.

You can experience boating along the eleven meters of the lagoon. So far, 14 species of birds have been seen in Tiab Minab lagoon. lagoons are one of the world's richest ecosystems and an important habitat for many migratory waterfowl and shorebirds to hibernate, breeding grounds for some bird species, and spawning grounds for many species of fish, shrimp, and habitats for many marine mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Every year, in the early days of spring, coinciding with the presence of Nowruz tourists in Tiab lagoon, we see the flight of various migratory birds among the mangrove trees and along the wetland. By traveling to Hormozgan province and visiting this beautiful and impressive wetland, you can see beautiful scenes from this unique conference of man and nature. By participating in persian trips Tourism group you can visit this spectacular lagoon. Tiab, the only commercial port of Minab city, with its old wharf, border markets, Khor entrance to Tiab, cargo barges and shrimp ponds and its beautiful and unique beach, has given special effects to this port. It is always green throughout the year and their length reaches three to six meters and the water level of these forests is normally about one and a half meters, but during the ebb tide, the trees of this forest go under water the ebb tides occur every six hours, and the interesting thing is that when the trees are tidal, they look as if they have grown in a dry environment.

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