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Si-o-se-pol Bridge

Si-o-se-pol Bridge

One of the beautiful and interesting bridges that was built over Zayandehrud River during Safavid period is Si-o-se-pol Bridge (which literally means 33 bridges).

This bridge was called "Jolfa Bridge" in the past (because it was on the way to Jolfa, which had just been built). It is also known as "Allah Verdikhan" because of the famous Shah Abbas commander, who was commissioned to build this bridge. As this bridge connected Chahar Bagh Kohneh Abbasi Street to the street of this bridge, This, bridge is called: Shah Abbasi Bridge - Allah Verdi Khan Bridge - Jolfa Bridge - Chehel Cheshmeh Bridge - Thirty-Three Springs Bridge. For this reason, this bridge is called Shah Abbasi, which Shah Abbas ordered to be built, but because this bridge was built under the supervision of Allah Verdi Khan, it is known as Allah Verdi Khan Bridge. This bridge, which is a unique masterpiece of the reign of Shah Abbas, was built at the expense and under the supervision of his famous commander Allah Verdi Khan. This bridge is about 300 meters long and 14 meters wide and is the longest bridge in Zayandehrud, which was built in 1596.

Abrizan celebration of Si-o-se-pol

During Safavid period, the Armenian festival of Abrizan (watering or sprinkling) took place next to this bridge. It is written in historical books that early, Si-o-se-pol Bridges had forty spans, which over time and the damage that occurred became 33 spans. Due to the fertile passage under this bridge in the past, the lower parts of the bridge was and is very cool. Another point that has made Si-o-se-pol Bridges famous is the type of architecture of Si-o-se-pol Bridge and the style and context of its construction. This special bridge was built by Master Hossein Banai Esfahani, who was one of the best architects of his time. From the very beginning, he proved that he was an innovator by choosing the place of construction of the bridge, because Master Hossein Bana chose a place Si-o-se-pol Bridges that was very wide and all the architects before him chose areas where Zayandehrud was not wide. Although many years have passed since the construction of this bridge, but it is still solid and beautiful and is considered one of the most important historical and recreational places in Isfahan and perhaps Iran. Today, due to the drying up of the Zayandehrud River, it is possible to visit all parts of this bridge, and domestic and foreign tourists eagerly see it carefully and take pictures of it as a souvenir.

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