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Borujerdiha historical house

Borujerdiha historical house

One of the most beautiful and famous houses in Kashan is Boroujerdi House, which is located in Sultan Mir Ahmad Alley, Alavi Street, Ghaleh Jalali Street. This old house was built by a famous businessman named Haj Seyyed Jafar Natanzi (from Boroujerdi family) who was an importer of goods from Boroujerdi in Lorestan province.

Despite of the popular belief, this house did not belong to the people of Boroujerd, but because of the commercial dealings of these people who were originally from Natanz (a city near Kashan), with the merchants of Boroujerd, people called them Boroujerdi. Boroujerdi's house is built on a land with an approximate area of 1700 square meters and the area of this building is about 3000 square meters and includes two Andaruni and Biruni (inner and outer courtyards).Boroujerdi's house is designed and built in accordance with the climatic conditions of Kashan desert region, so that in the extreme heat of summer, cool and very pleasant air flows naturally and permanently into the basements through the windshields located on the roof.

Borujerdiha historicak house3
Based on the inscriptions found in the building, it seems that the construction of this house was begun in 1875 by Ostad Ali Maryam and its construction lasted 18 years and was completed in 1892. He was one of the architectural geniuses of Kashan and one of the famous designers of the building who has been involved in creating two other historical monuments of Kashan, one is Tabatabai historical house (near Boroujerdi house) and the other is Timcheh Amin Al-Dawlah (located in Bazaar).

Boroujerdi house paintings

The paintings of this building have been drawn in various ways with colors, oil and watercolors. Famous Iranian artists painted Ghaffari Kashani family during Qajar dynasty.This house has most of the architectural features of old houses of Kashan and is designed in accordance with the climatic conditions of desert region and is built in three floors and in four directions. Inner and outer courtyards, two cellars, Sar poushideh (covered), royal residence are some sections that you can see in these historical houses.The distinctive feature of this building is Sar poushideh (covered) section that is unique and exceptional in the whole city of Kashan.Sar poushideh or the covered part, which includes a pavilion mansion with unique architecture, beautiful paintings, eye-catching decorations and elegant plastering, has made this building one of the most valuable historical houses in Iran.It should be mentioned that one of the main reasons for the fame of Boroujerdi's house is its wind catchers. The Cultural Heritage Organization acquired the outer part of the building in 1934 and now the inner part is privately owned.

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