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Kashan Abbasian historical House

Kashan Abbasian House is one of the masterpieces of Iranian architecture that delights the eyes of every viewer. This beautiful mansion is located in Sultan Amir Ahmad neighborhood of the historical city of Kashan in Isfahan province.

By participating in the tours of Persiantrips Tourism group, you can watch the architecture of this unique and beautiful historical house and make an unforgettable memory for yourself. In the history of Kashan Abbasian house, as it is known, it was built in the years 1867 to 1862 by Haj Mohammad Ebrahimi, who was one of the famous merchants of porcelain and glassware in Qajar period. The architects of this beautiful building is anonymous. After the death of the owner of the first house, this mansion was divided among the heirs and sold. Later, a wealthy merchant named Mr. Abbasian bought the outer courtyard of this house for 1000 Tomans and since then it has been known as the Abbasian house. The Abbasian historical house is so beautiful that it has been nominated for the award for the most beautiful Iranian-Islamic residential building. So far, this building has been used several times to make several TV series and movies due to its unique and pleasant landscapes. This monument of Isfahan province was registered in the list of national monuments of Iran in 1998 with the number 2020.


Architecture of Kashan Abbasian house

Kashan Abbasian house has an area of ​​5,000 square meters and 7,000 square meters of infrastructure. This monument has five courtyards and three floors. When entering the main door of the mansion, you have to cross a surface with a gentle slope to reach a beautiful porch with a roof. It does not have a direct view of the inside from the alley and is protected by a guard. This guard was used to separate the public and private parts of the mansion. Around the vestibule, there are platforms for guests to rest and guests could sit and wait for the door to open and unwind. The house has external and internal parts and a garden, each of which has a special use. The exterior consists of different parts such as mirror room, large indoor room, spring porch, mirror rooms, small indoor room and central room. The inner part was the daily living place of the family members and belonged to the incestuous ones, and therefore it was separated from the other parts by special ways and doors so that the strangers would not have access to it. The secret and royal chambers are located on the upper floors of the inner part, and parts such as toilets, basins, water wells, gardens, large crypts, laundries and places of worship are located on the lower inner floors.

The variety and multiplicity of spaces in the Abbasian house is very significant and in this respect is not comparable to other houses. One of the important architectural features of Kashan Abbasian house is the water inlet channels of the aqueduct to the house, which pass through the brick foundations of the courtyard and are made of mortar in order to be resistant to destruction.


Analysis of Kashan Abbasian House

In the description of the Abbasian house in Kashan, we see significant elements on which the principles of house architecture are based. One of these cases includes the use of garden pit style, in this architectural style, the building is built below the level of the alley and is the so-called pit so that the house has access to the aqueduct water and the water pressure needed to flow is provided. On the other hand, this made the building stronger and also protected the house from cold and heat. Another important principle that has been observed in the Abbasid house is its introverted and Islamic architecture. This means that the interior spaces of the building have the least visual connection with the urban space outside. Introverted architecture was formed to emphasize personal life and privacy, security and climate change, and was used mostly in hot and dry climates. Because introverted houses do not let outside heat inside. Another point that is important in the historical house of Kashan Abbasian is the existence of its seasonal spaces. This means that the building has winter and summer parts and the seasonal variation is quite obvious. In each season of the year, parts of the building were used that were seasonal and tailored to the same climate.

In addition, another element used in this building is symmetry, and all sides are very artistically symmetrical. This symmetry is very impressive and unique and attracts the attention of all tourists and visitors.


 Decorations of Kashan Abbasian house

Abbasian historical house has a unique view in terms of plaster decorations and paintings. In this house, special types of plastering, from formalization to Yazdi decoration, application, training, Mogharnas work and lattice work, can be seen at the peak of elegance and beauty. The same decorations used in the building have increased the fame and beauty of the Abbasian house in Kashan and make it special among the historical houses of Isfahan province. The decorations of the mirror room and the royal room are more impressive than the other parts of the building, and make these parts the most luxurious parts of the house. In addition to the beautiful plastering, the use of mirrors and colored doors and windows has multiplied the charm of these rooms. In Mirror room, in addition to decorating the room, mirrors give a unique beauty to the room at night and when a small light is turned on, they reflect light around. On the ceiling of the room, mirrors in the shape of the moon, stars and sun are used, which has created a kind of virtual sky and is very interesting. Beside that, the use of doors known as "Sash" in this building has added to its beauty.


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