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Jabaliyeh Dome

Jabaliyeh Dome

Jabalieh dome or Gabri dome which is located in Kerman is one of the sights of this city and is one of the most beautiful works of Iranian architectural art. Jabaliya dome, which is located on the western side of Saheb al-Zaman Square, dates back to the late Sassanid or early Islamic period.

The dome building has a high strength and the reason is considered to be the use of camel milk instead of water. This octagonal dome is made entirely of stone and the width of its foundation reaches 3 meters at the base. On the 8 sides of the dome of Jabaliyeh, there are 8 doors with 2 meters wide, of which only one is open today.

Jabaliyeh dome architecture in Kerman

The roof of the dome is made of brick and inside it apparently had plastering decorations, the upper part of which has been demolished and the decorations of the lower part of the building has been destroyed (if it had any). The materials used in the walls are carcass stone with gypsum mortar on the outside and lime on the inside.There is no mention of the date of construction and the purpose of the construction of this dome. In his book Eight Years in Iran, Sir Percy Sykes wrote, "As you pass the graveyard, you will see an octagonal stone building with a dome in the shape of two crescents with a diameter of 18 feet inside.
"This place is called Jabaliyah and this dome is the only stone building in Kerman. Iranians believe that this place was a fire temple or tomb of one of the Zoroastrians and some believe that it is the tomb of Seyyed Mohammad Tabashiri.Some consider this dome to belong to the Seljuks, but this claim is not true. Jabali is a distorted word of Gabri and according to the rules of Persian derivations G has been changed to C. The antiquity of this dome can be guessed from this word, which is also called Gabr dome, which may be related to pre-Islamic times and is a Zoroastrian and Gabri building.However, its style does not match the style of the fire temple. It can be deduced from its architectural style that the mentioned building belongs to the late Sassanid period, which was repaired and restored in the beginning of Islam, or that it was built in the beginning of Islam inspired by Sassanid architecture.Forests have been planted around this building and its cypress and pine trees have formed a forest called Ghaem Forest, which is one of the promenades of Kerman.

Jabaiyeh Dome2

Registration of Jabaliyeh dome

The dome of Jabaliyeh was registered in the list of national monuments of Iran in 1937(number 296). In 2004, and after restoration, it became a treasure of Jabaliyeh (historical inscriptions).Among the inscriptions in this treasure, we can mention the inscription of Abdan Ashkan rabar inscription. This inscription is one of the oldest inscriptions in this treasure, which is related to the monument of a mosque in the northern heights of Rabar city, Abdar Ashkan (Ashkon) village, located in Baft city.This inscription is executed on a natural stone piece in Kufic script. The smallest tombstone discovered in Kerman province is also kept in this treasure. This stone was discovered in 1998 by Ahmad Elaghi, a farmer in Ghaemabad district, and handed over to the Kerman Cultural Heritage Organization. This stone has dimensions of 26 by 22 cm and its inscription consists of two parts.
One is the border line and the other is the middle text in a box.Among the tombstones in the Jabaliyah treasure, you can see the tombstone of Mirza Aga Khan, the son of Mirza Ahmad Ali Khan Vaziri, a writer ofthe history of Kerman. According to Dr. Bastani Parizi, a contemporary historian of Kerman, he collaborated with his father in writing the history book of Kerman.Among the stone endowment letters in Jabaliyeh treasure, the inscription of the endowment of the fire temple of Qanateghestan village is also interesting.After the destruction of the fire temple, this endowment letter was transferred to the Cultural Heritage Organization of Kerman Province by the experts, and it is now kept in this treasure. This endowment letter is related to 1903.


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