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Morteza Ali spring

Morteza Ali (AS) hot spring is one of the natural tourist attractions in Tabas desert city in South Khorasan province. This spring is located in the tourist route of Khro village and at a distance of 27 km from Tabas city.

The existence of this boiling spring with two types of hot and cold water together in the heart of the Iranian desert makes human beings think deeply.
After passing through the city of Tabas, to reach this spring, you have to walk about 5 km, which is mainly through water. This spring is the source of water for most of the farms and supplies water for Tabas gardens, which is transferred to this city through a stream.

Features of Morteza Ali hot spring

One of the attractive and spectacular features of Morteza Ali spring is the ancient cavities that date back to the Sassanid Empire, ie about 1500 years ago. These holes are a section of canal that leads to chambers after 10-meter wells. These cavities, which are known as tombs or houses of Gabr, are the burial places of Zoroastrians and are connected by a tunnel. They were placed in a certain order and distance from each other in the form of 2 up and down that the lower holes were the entrance to the house. The presence of hot and cold springs in one path and parallel to each other in this valley is a very wonderful phenomenon that you will not find the same one easily. Many tourists visit Morteza Ali springs because of their healing properties. At the end of spring route is the thinnest and tallest arched dam in the world, namely the Abbasi arched dam. Among the walls of Morteza Ali spring, there are very old tombs that belong to Zoroastrians who lived in this area many years ago. By pouring hot spring water from the right wall into the river, a temperature difference is created in the spring, which sometimes reaches 10 degrees. The higher concentration of hot water and its structural difference with the cold water flowing in the riverbed cause these two streams of water to travel up to a distance of about 300 meters in the riverbed, while they are not completely mixed with each other and are separable in the riverbed. In this way, cold water flows on one side of the river and hot water on the other side. Tabas Morteza Ali spring was registered in the list of natural heritage in the meeting of the Natural Heritage Registration and Privacy Committee in August 20, 2014, with number 196.



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