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Padeh historical village in Aradan Semnan

Padeh village in Semnan is located four kilometers northeast of Aradan city. Padeh village is located in a desert region with a semi-desert climate. The climate of this village is hot in summer and cold in winter, so the best time to visit Padeh village is spring and autumn.

To visit this village, you can join the tourist tours of Persian trips group. The village of Padeh has been of great importance in the past due to its location on the Silk Road. Therefore, in this village, they have started to build castles and other buildings that are now visited as tourist attractions. Of course, by changing the route of the caravans, the importance of Pa Deh village gradually diminished and this village was somewhat forgotten. The residents of Padeh village in Semnan all lived inside the castle until about 150 years ago, but gradually they left the castle and started building construction around it. The old buildings and houses of Padeh village in Semnan have remained unchanged and have preserved their old contexture. Therefore, walking in the alleys has a special and pleasant atmosphere.

Tourist attractions of Padeh Aradan village

The tourist attractions of Padeh Aradan village have turned this village into a spectacular and remarkable village. The old castle is the most important historical attraction of Padeh village. This castle, which is located in the center of the village with an area of more than one hectare, is very large and high. Its construction materials are clay and mud. As it is known, the original construction of the castle dates back to pre-Islamic times, but over the years it has been restored and pottery works as well as Islamic architecture can be seen on it. In the past, there were ditches around this circular castle, which were paved in the 1970s. The entrance door of the castle is located on the south side of the castle, which is said to be mainly made of stone and is located as a bridge over the moat. The architecture of the fort shows that this fort was a military fort in the past that sheltered the people of the area when the enemy attacked. The castle of Padeh village in Semnan province has been registered as one of the national monuments of Iran on June 16, 2002 with the number 5811. Other tourist attractions of this village include ice houses, water reservoirs, baths, caravanserai, mosque, monastery, Imamzadeh, old houses, etc. The materials used in the construction of old houses are thatch, wooden beams and clay, which have domed roofs. The interiors of the houses are designed to have access to all the side parts.

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