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Tehran Modares House

Tehran Modares House is one of the sights of Tehran, which in addition to architecture, is also of great importance from political and religious points of view.

This old house, where some of Iran's fateful decisions have been made, belongs to Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Modarres, one of Iran's most famous politicians and religious figures. He was one of the scholars of Isfahan during the constitutional period who supported the constitutionalists. In the second periood of the parliament, Ayatollah Modarres was elected by the jurists as one of the mujtahids who, according to the constitution, should oversee the coordination of the parliament's resolutions with Islamic law. From the third to the sixth period, he represented the people of Tehran in the National Assembly for four periods. Tehran Modares' House was once a place of travel for prominent people in history and politics, including Mushir al-Dawla, Vosough al-Dawla, and Mustafa al-Mamalik. Other famous people who came and went in this house were Reza Khan, Mossadegh, Malek-o Shoara Bahar, Motaman al-Mulk Pirnia. After being abandoned for a long time, Modares's house was bought and rebuilt in 2014 by a person named Haj Mohammad Ansari. This house was restored as a Dar al-Quran and the house of the Shahid Modarres Museum with the aim of cultural, religious, research and social activities. It also tried to collect works related to Ayatollah Hassan Modarres, while preserving his intellectual and valuable documents, to provide a basis for serving researchers and enthusiasts. This house is located in the back alleys of the historical context of the old neighborhood of Odlajan.

Section of Modares House in Tehran

Modares House in Tehran, like many historical houses, is divided into two parts, Andaruni (inside) and Biruni (outside). As it turns out, the inside was where the residents lived. But in the outer part, teaching, interpretation, public meetings, etc. were done. The architectural elements of the house are arranged in such a way that privacy and independence are maintained for the people inside. However, it is possible to connect all parts of the house with the 3 central courtyards. This mansion was built in the Qajar period and its design pattern is traditional Iranian architecture. The house is decorated with simple bricks and beautiful basins. The large courtyard and the blue pond, the colorful geranium flowers, the colorful brick walls, the beautiful interior and other parts of Tehran Modares's house are really interesting and spectacular. The basement has also been turned into a pantry that visitors can use. A part of Tehran Modares' House is also related to the Modares' Studies Foundation, which is the place of preservation and maintenance of many original documents, books and articles, and is highly regarded by researchers and students. Dear friends, by participating in Persiantrips tours, you can visit Modares Museum-House and many other attractions in Tehran province.


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