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Traditional residence, which are very numerous in Iran, are resorts that are usually located in the context of villages and cities or in a natural area close to urban space. These types of accommodations, which have usually small and have less than 30 rooms, are built with local materials in the area where they are located and try to be in the most harmony with the local environment in which they are located.

 The traditional residence are under the supervision of the Tourism, Handicrafts and Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran and are very safe. Traditional residence are not only a place to stay but also as a tourist attraction. Attending these types of accommodations provides a good opportunity to get acquainted with the indigenous culture of the people of the area. The facilities of traditional residence vary according to their location and conditions. Some accommodations, such as hotels, have separate rooms and some have group rooms. In terms of heating and cooling systems, some residences are equipped with modern systems and others are traditional, such as chairs, wood heaters, windbreaks, water basins, etc.

In most of these accommodations, bathrooms and toilets are located outside the rooms and are shared. The sleeping system in traditional residence is in the form of a sleeping floor (quilt and mattress) and sometimes it can be a bed. These accommodations serve the local cuisine of the area where the accommodation is located.

Mahi Bazan Traditional Residence

Geographical location of Mahi bazan residence is Tange Shabikhun village, Khorramabad to Aleshtar road, Lorestan province. (21.0 km from centre)

4 four-person room
6 twelve-person room

Dolatsara Traditional Residence

Fesijan village, after Simin village, after Salehabad crossroad, Bahar city (37.0 km from centre)

6 Traditional room

Zaran Kondoleh traditional residence

Zaran traditional residence, located 80 km from Kermanshah province, is one of the sections of Dinur district in the tourism village of Kanduleh. (90.0 km from centre)

9 nine-person room
8 eight-person room

Rudbar Bam Traditional Residence

Darestan village, at the end of Bazaar, Rudbar city (11.0 km from centre)

4 the traditional room
8 suite

Ney cheshme Traditional Residence

Kosari alley, infront of Asar mosque alley, Tohid st, Shohada square, Eghlid city (100.0 km from centre)

7 Gushvare Room
6 Sedari room
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Amoo Nasi Traditional Residence

Amoo Nasi's garden is located in Mazandaran province, Neshtarood city and Shams Abad village. (12.0 km from centre)

6 Zharfaye Khial suite
6 Zemzemeye Ab suite

Khosh boom Traditional Residence

The residence is located in Fooman city, Khoshknoodhan Bala village in the heart of Gilan province. (10.0 km from centre)

5 room number one
20 suite

Anguran traditional residence

Anguran village, 4 km from Dandi, Anguran section,Mahneshan city (97.0 km from centre)

10 50-meter room
6 20-meter room
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Mehro Mah traditional residence

This beautiful residence is located 35 km from Khuzestan road, Kiar city, in the village of Tashneez. Chaharmahal province. (17.0 km from centre)

12 Suite number one
12 Suite number tow
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Almas traditional residence

This traditional residence is located in Imam Khomeini Street, Hosseinian ( Menar goli)Alley, Yazd province.

2 two-bed twin room
4 three-bed room
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Anna traditional residence

This residence is located between Nasir Al-Molk Mosque and Narenjestan Ghavam and is located in Lotfali Khan Zand Street.

2 room number 101
4 room number 102
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Nisa traditional residence

Paqale village, Ramiyan city, Golestan province (19.0 km from centre)

6 wooden cottage

Shabestan traditional residence

This residence is located in Hamedan city and in the spectacular and beautiful village of Yekanabad, Hamedan province. (15.0 km from centre)

6 Zinat al-moluk house
10 Shah neshin house
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Behesht-e shoor traditional residence

The spectacular village of Pahlavankashi, 20 km from Bushehr port, Tangestan city, is one part of Delvar city. (20.0 km from centre)

10 one bed- suite

Yahya Beik traditional residence

next to Karbalaie Rahim mosque, Asayesh alley, ziyarat city, Bojnurd (5.0 km from centre)

4 Shah neshin room
4 four-person room

Nakhjir traditional residence

This residence is located is in front of Haj Rais tower, Imam Koi Salman street, Shahr-e Naraq, Delijan city in Markazi province. (3.0 km from centre)

4 room number one(three-bed)
7 room number two(Shah Neshin)
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Vargah Omidiyeh traditional residence

Esfarayen city, Hasanabad village (3.0 km from centre)

4 Pedar bozorg (grandfather)room

Arad traditional residence

Ahmadiyeh village, Tabas city (11.0 km from centre)

4 room number one
3 room number Five
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Reytun traditional residence

Reytun Sam traditional residence is located in Aligudarz city, 20 km from Shoolabad road. (20.0 km from centre)

2 Thatched rooms
5 Thatched Suites
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Hess-e Khub traditional residence

No 17, Sarcheshme, Shahmirzad, Mehdi Shahr (14.0 km from centre)

6 Villa suite

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