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The land of a thousand colors of art

Birjand Ferdows
Duration: 4 Days
Scale: 2 - 20 people
From: Birjand
Tour size: 20
To: Ferdows
Categories: Classic Tours
Best Time Tour:
Transportations: Bus
Familiarity with the rich history of Iran, watching world registered works, buying souvenirs and handicrafts, watching the amazing village of Makhunik known as the land of Liliputs

South Khorasan (3 nights and 4 days)

Price Ranges

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Visiting Attraction: Akbariyeh World Registered Garden, the amazing village of Makhunik (land of Liliputs), Forg village, Shokatiyeh school, Birjand castle, Qaen mosque, Baladeh Ferdows world registration aqueduct, etc.


Your Tour Highlights

  • You will visit Akbariyeh World Registered Garden.
  • You will go to see the amazing village of Makhunik, which is known as the land of the Liliputs of Iran.
  • We will visit Forg village, one of the most beautiful historical villages of South Khorasan.
  • You will have the chance to see Qasbeh Gonabad aqueduct, the longest aqueduct in Iran that has been registered worldwide.
  • You can buy handicrafts from the region such as kilims, traditional fabrics, beautiful pottery, etc. and taste the aroma and taste of saffron in this region.

Additional description of the trip

Tour Type Historical

The meaning of historical and cultural tours

در این نوع سفرها محور اصلی سفر بر اساس بازدید از یک سایت خاص طبیعی و یا اقامت در دامان طبیعت میباشد. ناگفته پیداست که این نوع سفرها برای همگان مناسب نیست و به همین دلیل هم زمان و شرایط برگزاری و تعداد شرکت کنندگان نیز خاص می باشد.در اینگونه سفرها افراد بسیار علاقه مند به طبیعت و کسانی که تحمل شرایط سخت طبیعی (مانند: استفاده از دستشوی صحرایی در صورت لزوم، نبود حمام برای چند روز متوالی، پیاده روی های طولانی و ...) را دارند، شرکت کرده و تمام اصول طبیعت گردی با دقت تمام آموزش داده شده و رعایت میشوند. چراکه در سفرهای طبیعت گردی ویژه اصل بر سازگاری با طبیعت است و به همین دلیل نیز شرایط خاص به خود را میطلبد.
Tour Difficulty: Level one

The order of tours with a level of difficulty one

تورهایی با مسیرهای پیاده روی کوتاه و آسان که افراد با شرایط جسمانی عادی می توانند به راحتی در آن شرکت نمایند . پیاده روی در این تورها بین یک الی سه ساعت در روز می باشد .
Learn more about this style of tour

ویژگی شرکت کنندگان و قوانین تورهای طبیعت گردی

قوانین شرکت در تورهای طبیعت گردی : 1- ما طبیعت گردانی هستیم که جز با رد پا اثر دیگری در طبیعت بر جای نمیگذاریم و عکس تنها یادگاری است که از طبیعت بر میداریم.
2- ما در تمام طول سفر اصول ایمنی و حفاظت از جان خود را فراموش نکرده و آنرا کاملا رعایت میکنیم.
3- استفاده از هوای تازه، سکوت،آرامش طبیعت، یکی شدن با طبیعت و دیدن مناظر زیبای آن جزء اهداف مشترک همه ما طبیعت گردان میباشد.
4- ما اصول بهره مندی از خوراک سالم و مناسب طبیعت گردی را رعایت میکنیم.
5- ما تمام اصول سفرهای گروهی را رعایت کرده و از تصمیمات شخصی خارج از چارچوب گروه اجتناب میکنیم.

Included Meals 8 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches
Visiting Cities Birjand, Ferdows, Darmiyan, Sarbisheh

Distance Between Cities

Birjand to Makhunik village (131 km) - Makhunik village to Forg village (112 km) - Birjand to Qaen (108 km) - Qaen to Gonabad (106 km) - Gonabad to Ferdows (73 km) - Ferdows to Bashravieh (94 km)
Residential Cities Birjand (2 nights in 3 star hotel), Ferdows (1 night in 3 star hotel)
Needed Items Passport - Visa - Insurance - Seasonal clothing - Walking shoes - Hats - Sunglasses - Personal glass - Power bank - Personal hygiene items
Service Level Click for more information
Important Tips

* During the trip, the possibility of late or early hours of eating, sleeping and resting, increasing and decreasing the length of roads day and night (by vehicle or on walks) in adverse weather conditions, environment, local Or there are unexpected events.
* The traveler is obliged to respect the customs and observance of the norms of the host society and the common customs in the region, and in this regard, he should follow the recommendations of the tour guide.
* The passenger is obliged to participate in the visiting plan during the announced hours and if you are not present on time in the tour, you will be personally obliged to accept possible problems and pay the relevant fees to join the group and continue the patrol program, and the tour guide is not responsible for that.
* All expenses outside the program such as personal purchases, purchase of optional tours, entrance fees of sites outside the itinerary, etc. are excluded and are the responsibility of the travelers to pay for them.
* If the passenger needs to take any medication prescribed by a doctor or use special medical equipment, he / she must accompany them during the trip and must inform his / her travel guide about this issue.


Day 1: Visiting Birjand

After having breakfast, we will visit Akbariyeh World Register Garden, and walk among the trees and its clean courtyard and watch the architecture of its beautiful mansion, next we will visit Shokatiyeh School. This school is the third modern school after Tehran Dar Al-fonun Academy of Arts and Rashdiyeh Tabriz in Qajar period and its plastering, moqarnas and brickwork are very impressive. After having lunch, we will visit Birjand Castle. This castle, which was built in the Safavid period, and can be considered the core of the first city of Birjand. We will also walk in the historical context of Birjand, and finally, we will move to the hotel and relax.

Tour services

In this day

In Hotel
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Hotel *3
In Birjand

Day 2: Visiting Makhunik village and Forg

We will have breakfast and drive to Makhunik village to visit this amazing village, which is famous as Liliputs due to its short stature of its inhabitant. We will have lunch and drive to Forg village, one of the most beautiful villages in South Khorasan and visit its historical area and castle and watch the narrow alleys, countless sabbaticals, its mountainous and stepped architecture. We will move to Birjand and stay at the hotel.

Tour services

In this day

In Hotel
by Tour


Hotel *3
In Birjand

Day 3: Visiting Qaen and Gonabad

We will start our day by having a breakfast and driving to Qaen city and visit its Grand Mosque, which is one of the oldest, most beautiful and tallest buildings in South Khorasan. This building, in addition to its beautiful architecture, is known for having two altars with different Kiblah. We will buy saffron, the main souvenir of Khorasan. After having Lunch, we will drive to Gonabad to visit Qasbeh aqueduct of Gonabad. one of the wonders of ancient human civilization, that is on the world record list. we will also visit the Gonabad Grand Mosque, and see the Kufic inscriptions and its beautiful brickwork. We will move to the hotel and relax.

Tour services

In this day

In Hotel
By Tour


Hotel *3
In Ferdwos

Day 4: Visiting Ferdows and Boshrouyeh

After having breakfast, we will start our day by visiting the world-registered aqueduct of Baladeh Ferdows. Based on the possibilities, this aqueduct was dug in the Sassanid era in the heart of the eastern mountains of Ferdows region. This aqueduct was managed with traditional knowledge and water extracted from it has led to the development of Ferdows region, farms and gardens. We will walk in the historical area of Ferdows, and have lunch. As the last destination in this beautiful province, we will move to Boshrouyeh and watch its beautiful desert.

Tour services

In this day

In Restaurant
By a Tour


Hotel *4
In Urmia


Conditions of traveling to Iran
  • Carrying passport, Visa, and insurance during the tours and visits is necessary. For more information about Visa click here.
  • Travel insurance in not included in tour’s service and the tourist has to take it before the trip starts.

  • Iran is not connected to international currency, so you cannot count on you ID cards and bank account. It is necessary to have enough cash with you.in addition to exchange offices in Iran's international airports, there are exchange offices in all cities and some hotels to convert your money. It should be noted that the main unit of Iranian currency is Rial, but in Iran, Toman is used for normal daily economic activity. Only in the field of calculations and banks, they write the balance numbers in Rials. Each toman equals to 10 Rials.
  • In Iran, Fridays are considered an official holiday. On the other hand, in Iran, days appropriate to cultural, national and religious events are celebrated, and for this reason, some of these days are closed in the official calendar. On Fridays and public holidays, government offices and organizations and some private organizations are closed.
  •  After entering Iran, respect and observance of domestic laws and regulations (customs, clothing, etc.) is required. Visiting some of Iran's religious attractions requires observing the rules regarding cover and entry and exit. Click for more information in this regard.
General conditions of the tours
  • Recommended packages are general and according to the tourist's request, the capacity of hotels and accommodations, flight programs, peak and non-peak travel seasons, etc., there will be the ability and possibility to change the travel plan and its expense.
  • Since Iran has a special climate, it is possible to have incoming tours during the year, but it is also notable that some of the recommended packages are dedicated to particular season and time, so make sure you consider the season of your chosen tour.
  • Some of Iran’s attractions have time limitation for visiting, in the other word, they are closed on some days of the week, so based on the date of visiting, it is possible for a site to be omitted and replaced by another one.
  • Some of the sites and attractions which have in Iran have difficult access routes, so when you are buying a tour, pay attention to the type and degree of difficulty of your chosen package and its related points. Click to get more information in this regard.
  • The first and last visit of the tour may be changed or omitted based on the time of light.
  • The rate of the packages offered is approximate and varies according to the number of people and the exact time of the tour (during peak or non-peak days).

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Important information
  • Existence of local English spoken guide and if necessary.
  • Internet access is available along most routes and hotels. (Some hotels or residence may have limited internet access as mentioned in the Itinerary)
  • Snacks are served daily.
  • The entrance tickets are paid according to the plan and sites mentioned in the itinerary.
  • All the process of taking visa is done by tourism agency.
  • All airport transfers and transportation are included in tour services.
  • Travel insurance in not included in tour’s service and the tourist has to take it before the trip starts.
  • Giving tip is not included in tour services and it is the responsibility of the tourist.
  • The cost of purchasing tickets for foreign flights is not covered by the Agency's services. If requested, the cost can be added to the package rate.
  • Since the registration day up to 30 days before the trip, you have to pay 35% of the total tour's cost.
  • From 29 to 1 day before the trip, you have to pay 100% of tour cost (full payment).
  • If you cancel your registration up to 30 days before the trip, 30% of your payment will be forfeit.
  • If your cancelation is between 29 to 15 days before the trip, 50% of your payment will not be refunded.
  • If you cancel your registration between 14 days to 1 day before the trip, 100% of your will be forfeit.
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