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Kong port Portuguese castle

Portuguese Castle in Kong port is one of the most important tourist attractions in Hormozgan province. Bandar port, which has a long history, is one of the cities of Lengeh port and is located in Hormozgan province.

The city was a place for merchants, and large ships docked there, used for trade to India, Basra, Mombasa, and African countries. The Portuguese port of Bandar Kong, which has survived from the Portuguese colonial period, is today considered as one of the historical and tourist centers of Iran. Among the tourist attractions of Qeshm Island is the Portuguese castle, which was built on the northern side of the island by a sailor named Alfonso Alberkerk in 1507. The Portuguese castle in Qeshm with an area of more than 2,000 square meters of limestone and Gypsum is made with local mortar and its strength has increased several times over the century. This fort is in rectangular shape and have four towers in the four corners and long arms and cannons, catapults were placed on its width. The Portuguese fort was a logistics fort in the past, which was built to connect with Hormoz port and deliver supplies and services to this central fort in Qeshm. Finally, in 1623, this fortress and other bases at the mouth of the Persian Gulf were captured by one of the Safavid generals, and the Iranians still dominate this most valuable waterway in the world. The Portuguese castle was an important base for the Portuguese to protect their army and equipment. These castles with an irregular quadrangular plan, have walls about 3.5 meters in diameter and towers about 12 meters high in the four corners of the castle.


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