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Gonabad Jameh Mosque

Gonabad Jameh Mosque, which is located in the center of Gonabad, is a type of two-porch mosques and is a contemporary of Zuzan, Sangan, Toos and Freyumd mosques.

This building is one of the historical masterpieces of Khorasan Razavi province. In this mosque, changes have been made over time. However, despite severe earthquakes and repeated repairs, it has retained its original building form. This mosque is one of the two historic mosques of the Kharezmshahi dynasty. According to the Kufic brick inscription that adorned the facade of the south porch, the date of construction of the building is 1213. One of the important features of the building is the existence of Kufic inscriptions and beautiful brickwork that are engraved around the porch of the qibla. Inside this porch, there are two brick Kufic inscriptions, one of which contains the name of the builder and the other contains Quranic themes. Gonabad Jameh Mosque was registered in the list of national monuments on February 16, 1969 with the number 325. The plan of Gonabad Jameh Mosque, with a plan of two porches, includes a decorative door, courtyard or mezzanine, north and south porches, and three columned naves and porches. As mentioned, this mosque has three naves. The summer nave on the south side (known as Yasin or Quran nave), the spring nave on the east side and the winter nave on the north side which is sunny. On the west side which is now a portico, there was probably an autumn nave which was destroyed by past earthquakes. Some of its pillars have recently emerged as a result of excavations by the Gonabad Cultural Heritage Office. The two series of porches of this mosque are located in the east and west of the courtyard. The eastern porches are located in two rows and between the two entrances of the mosque and are perpendicular to the courtyard of the mosque in the form of eight porches, and the western porticos in seven porches, perpendicular to the courtyard with their truncated arches. Gonabad Jameh Mosque has two entrances from the northeast side and southeast of the courtyard from an alley in the east of the mosque. The southeastern entrance is simple but the northeastern entrance has interesting plaster decorations including plant and bird motifs.

Architecture of Gonabad Jameh Mosque

The architecture of Gonabad Jameh Mosque is introverted. In the past, Iranian architects separated the building from the outside world by arranging parts of the building around one or more mezzanines, and only a porch connected the two. This type of architecture is called introverted. The materials used in the architecture of Gonabad Jameh Mosque are brick, clay, mud and plaster. The array of this mosque includes plastering and brickwork, along with some glazed bricks. The decorations of this mosque includes plastering and brickwork, along with some glazed bricks. Most of the plaster works belong to the Qajar era, which adorned the altars and the entrance of the mosque with plant and bird elements. The main altar of the building is located inside the qibla porch. There is another altar in the northeastern nave, which belongs to Qajar period. The third altar was discovered a few years ago in the northeastern nave, only half of which remains, and probably dates back to Ilkhani period. The south porch has inscriptions in Kufic script. North porch decorations At present, rectangular and square frames have decorative bricks with various designs. Gonabad Jameh Mosque has been reconstructed in recent years in several stages. Among the most important restoration measures of this valuable historical monument in recent years are restoration operations including roofing and bricklaying of the eastern nave roof, flooring, lighting and plastering of the southeastern nave, replacement of two wooden doors, brick decorations on the two entrance porches and lighting of the main porch. To visit Gonabad Jameh Mosque and other attractions of Khorasan Razavi province, you can participate in Persiantrips tourism tours.




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