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Abyaneh village

Abyaneh village

Abyaneh village is one of the unique villages in Iran. The architecture and texture of the village, the clothing and customs of the local people have made many tourists travel to this village.

The people of Abyaneh village have preserved some of their traditional customs, language and dialect to some extent due to the mountainous and closed area and the distance from the crowded centers and communication roads. So that a number of Middle Persian words and the Pahlavi language of Ashkan can still be heard from the people of Abyaneh. However, this issue gradually diminishes with the touristization of this region and the widespread contact with tourists. The people of Abyaneh village still insist on using their traditional clothes and prejudice. Men wear loose trousers made of black fabric and women wear long shirts made of colorful floral fabrics. In addition, Abyaneh women usually wear white floral scarves. The food of the people of Abyaneh village is almost similar to other central regions of Iran and their official food is called Gapa, which is a kind of qarameh that is cooked with mutton. Caravan and Ardineh are other local and popular dishes of this region. The occupations of most people in Abyaneh are animal husbandry, horticulture and agriculture, and their agricultural products include potatoes, wheat, apricots, walnuts, etc. Another common occupation among the people of Abyaneh is carpet weaving and many artists are engaged in this profession.


Geographical location of Abyaneh village

Abyaneh village is located near the Karkas mountain, about 40 km northwest of Natanz city in Isfahan province. Since this village is close to Kashan city and many tourists who travel to Kashan visit this village, they mistakenly call it Abyaneh village of Kashan. However, in fact this village is part of Nazanz city. This village has a very suitable geographical location, pristine nature and favorable climatic conditions. All the houses in the village are located on a slope north of the Borzroud River. One of the interesting and important points about the architecture of the region is its stepped shape. In this way, the roofs of the lower houses are the courtyards of the upper houses. There is no dead end in Abyaneh. Clay, brick, stone and walnut wood are the materials used in the construction of Abyaneh houses. The exterior of the houses is covered with red soil, which is supplied from a mine near the village. This issue has caused the village of Abyaneh to be called the desert ruby. In this village there are works from Sassanid, Seljuk, Safavid and Qajar periods. The fire temple and mosques of Abyaneh village are among the important attractions of this village. There is a very beautiful wooden pulpit and inlaid work in the village mosque, which is decorated with inscriptions in Kufic script and eight-pointed flowers.

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