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Sheikh Ahmad Jami tomb

Sheikh Ahmad Jami tomb

The tomb of Sheikh Ahmad Jami is nearly 800 years old, in the city of Torbat-e Jam, located in Khorasan Razavi province. The tomb of Sheikh Ahmad Jami is located in the city and belongs to the 9th to 12th centuries AH. This work was registered as a national work on December 6, 1961 with the number 174.

Sheykh al-Islam "Ahmad Ibn Abul Hassan Jami Namqi Tarshizi" or Sheikh Ahmad Jam (536-440 AH) known as "Abu Nasr Ahmad Zhandapil" or "Zhandapil" for short was a mystic and Sufi from the Seljuk period. He was born in Tarshish or the present Keshmir. After Shaykh al-Islam Ahmad was buried next to his monastery, his followers, some of whom were also rulers and political rulers, erected beautiful buildings around his tomb because of their devotion.

Sheikh Ahmad Jami Attraction

This spectacular attraction dates back to almost 800 years ago. The tomb of Sheikh Ahmad Jami is not only a tomb, but also a collection of porches, domes, white domes, Kermani Mosque, Amir Jalaluddin Firoozshahi School, Atiq Mosque, Sheikh Ahmad Jami Tomb and the New Grand Mosque. The adjoining parts of this spectacular attraction are the water reservoir, the underground mosque and tombs near the tomb of Sheikh Ahmad Jami. The view of the building and tomb of Sheikh Ahmad Jami is very beautiful. Around this space, a fence of white and black marble is installed and there is a large pistachio tree inside it, under the shade of which two horizontal and vertical stones can be seen. One of these stones is located above the head of Sheikh Ahmad and the other is installed at the bottom with an inscription. The construction of the porch was completed in 720 AH. According to some archaeologists, the designs used in this porch are very similar to the entrances of the mosques of the patriarchal period and are somewhat reminiscent of the Yazd and Ashtarjan mosques. Of course, instead of two high minarets that can be seen in patriarchal architecture, two beautiful finials have been used.

Sheikh Ahmad Jami tomb9
The decoration of the porch of the tomb of Sheikh Ahmad Jami has changed over time, for example, white, silver and azure tiles have been added in the Timurid period, or tiles with various designs in the Safavid period. Another interesting point about this porch is the role of two dragons in its entrance, which was very common in the Mongol period.The dome house was built in 633 AH on the foundation of a monastery and was built by the sheikh himself. The dome is located along the porch and was solitary in the past but now has no view because it is surrounded on four sides.The tomb of Sheikh Ahmad Jami has four triangles, two rooms, four octagonal arches and three entrances. The dome was built in two stages. At first, Rokn al-Din Kort began to build it, but after a while this work was abandoned until Abul Hassan Mohammad Kort took over its construction.

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