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Garmsar salt mine

Garmsar salt mine is one of the huge and extraordinary salt mines in Iran, which is located in Semnan province. In general, Garmsar region has the largest salt mines and tunnels in the Middle East.

Therefore, at present, a major share of salt extraction in our country belongs to this region. Many of these mines are located in the mountains and underground and extend in the form of winding tunnels. Garmsar salt tunnel salt is different from other regions of Iran because it has a very high degree of purity. Besides being unique in beauty, salt mines also have positive effects on human health. Countries such as Germany, Italy and Poland have taken advantage of the positive effects of salt as energy therapy or salt therapy and have built artificial chambers and caves. For this reason, they also work in the field of tourism and medical tourism. Iran, with its abundant salt mines, to some extent uses this amazing natural attraction to expand tourism in the cold seasons. Many tours are held to visit Garmsar salt mine, which is very interesting among other attractions of Semnan province. You can also visit these beautiful mines by participating in Persiantrips tours.

The attractions of Garmsar

The attractions of Garmsar salt mine are very spectacular and interesting. Among the most beautiful salt mines in Semnan province, we can mention the Kuhdasht Garmsar salt mine and the Salar salt mine. These mines have a special reputation among other mines due to their different rock texture and large salt chandeliers. It fascinates them with its beauties. The color variety of these salts is due to the presence of various minerals that give them a very beautiful view and make this area one of the best salt tunnels in the world. The general form of the mine is in the shape of a mountain, which has been shaped like a cave due to the extraction of salt from inside it. The huge salt columns of the cave and the grooves that have been washed by the rain have created a very eye-catching and special view in the cave. In addition, the rain in this mine has created a green pond, which has greatly increased its attractiveness.



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